We are a team of writers with varying life and professional experiences. We all love to express ourselves in written word, even if the styles we use differ greatly. This site will feature poetry, letters, essays, opinion pieces, and eventually photography, video, and (hopefully) even more formats of expression. Each of us will likely focus on topics completely separate from the other members of the team. Some of us are more attuned to sports, technology, or video games, and some of us are infinitely more interested in creative writing and storytelling. No matter what we write about, we do it all from a God-focused perspective and with the understanding that we are, in fact, imperfect human beings.

Mistakes will be made, and we will probably slip up while commenting on something you love. Feel free to let us know that, and we will be gracious in admitting our errors. That kind of transparency is greatly lacking in today’s writing landscape of top-ten lists and blistering hot takes about celebrities and politicians, but it is something we strive to achieve on a daily basis. We will also be ecstatic to engage in conversations with you in our comments sections and through our social media accounts. Our transparency will thrive beyond the confines of this URL.

So the day is finally here. And while it is launching without a great amount of external fanfare, the work that has gone into this project from the moment God first laid it on my heart has been tremendous. There have been several times, even within the past week, that giving this website life seemed implausible. Prayers and undying effort from each member of the IC team have helped make it happen, but there’s nothing to post and nowhere to post it without the love of God Himself. Our gratitude could never be adequate to thank Him for everything He has done for each of us leading up to this moment.

We pray that you would all visit this site often and that you would feel God’s presence and love through the works we post here. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to engaging with each of you as this site grows into what God desires it to be.

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