For my first post, I want to share something with you that has been on my heart recently. I’ve been trying to read my Bible a lot more and really getting into the Scriptures. I am not claiming to be a theologian, but as I grow in my relationship with Him, I want to share with you what He’s teaching me, through whatever avenue He chooses to show me.

I have realized as I am growing in my walk, I can’t just talk to God. I really have to read His Word and know His Word. He has given it to us, and it is important that we know it.

It really hit me after I started reading Hebrews 11. It actually started off much smaller than that, if I’m honest. I wanted to start reading my Bible more but didn’t know where to start. I found a “Daily Inspiration” mobile app and installed it on my phone. This gave me just one verse a day, so I at least had somewhere to start. I refused to let myself get out of bed without reading that one verse.

I needed something to help guide me with my reading of the Word. I’m not going to lie to you, I was, and often still am, overwhelmed and intimidated by even opening my Bible.  It’s a large book, and there is so much meat to it. We’re used to our pastors, teachers, parents, leaders, or someone else telling us what they have read in the Bible and what it means. We don’t take the time to read it ourselves. We just go off of what others tell us.

I urge you to take the step out in faith and get into the Word yourself. Don’t just go off what someone else tells you it says and means. It’s your relationship with Christ; He is going to reveal things to you in your quiet times with Him that are meant exclusively for you.

Start off small. You don’t have to feel like you have to read the whole Bible in a year or read multiple chapters at once. It’s meant to be something that we digest and process. It’s not something that we binge on and then regurgitate. It’s something that is supposed to nourish us and help us grow.

Start by investing five minutes a day. I’m sure you already devote at least five minutes to television or the internet and wouldn’t be affected by spending that time in His word. Eventually you’ll realize that you want to give more time to reading His Word, but you have to experience that for yourself.

That is something that I am realizing. I hear and listen to what others say their experiences are. They are experiences that I wanted but, they didn’t mean anything to me. I had to have my own experiences with Him. Is there a particular experience that you have had with the Lord, maybe something in a dream or a revelation about scripture?

Each relationship with Christ is different, and that is the beautiful thing. He meets us where we are at. He is relevant to all of us. He speaks to each of us in different ways.  But you have to make the choice to listen.

Hebrews 11 is a great part of scripture to read, as it focuses on faith and refers to some of the great stories of faith from the Old Testament. It talks about God’s promises and His faithfulness to us. As you read it, I would encourage you to then flip back to those passages about Abraham, Isaac, and Moses. Re-read some of the stories that you haven’t thought about since being a little kid in Sunday School. There is such value in going back and re-reading those words.

I’m sure the Lord will bring something to light and reveal something that you might have missed as a youngster. I can’t wait to hear your insights and thoughts on this as I know it is something that many of us struggle with. Is there a particular passage that you find yourself going back to that has helped you in your faith? Or was there a particular reference in Hebrews 11 that got you thinking? Is there something that keeps your attention for five or ten minutes each day that you could forgo to spend time in the Bible?

Lynn Kuhns is currently working for a university and is serving in a mentorship endeavor through Christians United for Israel.  After a time of fighting the Lord and His calling, she has entered her late twenties with a renewed sense of trust in the Lord and His plan for her life.  Her desire is to love people and meet them where they are.  She hopes that her personal experiences and the words she pens will break down her own insecurities and will encourage her readers.

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