This is a new beginning
A chance to rework
Let go of all the hurt
A newer version of me
The enemy is clawing
Calling out
Banking on me
Breaking down
Doing his best to convince me
My words are not worthy
I’ve begged him to stop
He’s succeeded at being unnerving
There’s just one flaw
In his systematic attack
The God who commands the Angels
That’s the God
Who has my back
So the attacks can continue
As I know they will
Keep trying to pull me into the dark
I’ll build a city of Light
I don’t need a hill
Continue to remind me
Of my failures
The times I was far from the best
I’ve no guilt in life
No fear in death
I’ll take those failures
Show the world
Redemption’s glory
Forgiveness and grace are real
Not just some allegory story
Written years ago as fables
Jesus walked this Earth
Cleaned up the temple for the better
Changed the people’s beat
Talk about turning tables
Died the death we couldn’t
To rise once again
Washed our sins in blood
Now there’s no power
In Satan’s remember-whens
So I may have seen self doubt
Battled with insecurity
God made a promise
I’m not left out
I know this most assuredly
I will use my words as Light
In the midst of darkness to come
In time, the enemy will accept defeat
When faced with Light
He has but one choice



Kyle Dunham is a writer with a wandering soul.  His honest style of writing comes from a raw and genuine place.  The overall goal of his writing is to help his reader look inward, analyze, and most importantly, realize that they are never alone, even in the darkest times.

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