As I type this I’m laying in a bed on the twelfth floor at the Borgotta Hotel in Atlantic City. I can see the giant LED advertisements on the side of the Golden Nugget currently displaying an ad for a series of pretty-decent-looking cover bands that will appear there in two weekends. Not a bad way to spend a few nights.

Now let me say this, I’m not some sort of jet-setting world traveler or anything. In fact, under normal circumstances, I would need to start a GoFundMe page to afford just one night in this hotel. I’m only here because of work. This week is the Pool And Spa Show, a national expo that brings thousands of pool and spa related folks to this wannabe-Vegas town. Dealers, vendors, reps, all of the “who’s who” in the industry are here. I’m just blessed to work for a company who is willing to send me and some of my coworkers here.

Having said that, I sat through an extensive sales training class today that had a lot of the same “tried and true” techniques, but one of the things that stuck out to me was the speaker’s definition of time. He first asked for us to give definitions for time. Some said “Time is money.” Wrong. Others said, “Time is the amount of space we have to operate in.” Wrong. And frankly, I didn’t really get that one.

We all overthought it. He explained that time is nothing more than the “order or occurrence of events.” Some readers may have already guessed a similar definition, but I hadn’t.

It was even more interesting when he showed us how easily time could be broken down into the smallest event. I didn’t just get up and shower, go to breakfast, and then take a taxi to class today. I woke up. I put my feet on the floor. I walked to the bathroom. I took a shower.

You see where I’m going with this.

I always say, “There isn’t enough time in a day,” and I know I’m not the only one. But this got me thinking: Is there really not enough time or am I not making my occurrence of events work for me? Have I just made bad choices?

The answer is yes. I ignore things. I procrastinate. I know I do.

My goal and your goal is to take back our time. Time doesn’t dictate to us what we can get done. We dictate to time what we can do. That’s really my whole point of typing this. No complicated metaphors or frilly words. Just stand up and tell time that you’re in charge. You make the rules. You will be infinitely happier once you do.

I’m excited to take back my time. I’m through with time telling me I can or can’t do something. So what if my order is different from yours? I’m still going to reach the end.

I’m going to accomplish more and do better this upcoming year, and I’m hoping that you will too.

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