Before you read this poem, I want to tell you something about me. For so long in my life I have been so concerned about making my words perfect. My poems had to follow a very specific plan, and could only be about certain topics. It is because of this that I portrayed myself as better off than I am. I come to you honestly tonight to tell you this, I am not perfect. My writing is not perfect. I promise you, whoever you are that is reading this, that I will never pretend to perfect. I will be raw, I will be real, I will be uncomfortable at times. I love to write, but my life is not defined by the words I have penned. I want my life to be defined by the man that I am, and I want to be an honest man. I pray my words move people; I pray that you will be better for having read them, but I don’t want to just leave my words behind. When people talk about me, I want them to talk about my love. This is what I want to be my


For so very long,
I feel like from the very start,
I’ve been so careful about my words,
So that others will know I’m set apart.
Using my words to make people know,
Using lines to make people aware-
When shouldn’t it be my actions,
That show those people that I care?
‘Cause I listen to hymns in church,
About them knowing I am Christian by my love.
So will they know I love God by what I write,
Or by the good things that I have done?
Am I showing the hurting love,
By writing more poems about my Savior?
Or would it be more impactful to give up my time,
To go serve them a meal they will savor.
And I’m not denying the importance,
Of worshiping God through my writing.
But what good are the words I say,
If I’m not out there on the streets fighting.
Because few will read the words I write,
Not many eyes will look upon the poems I fashion.
But many are the number who see me every day,
And are they looking upon a man of compassion?
What will be said of me when my time here is done,
What type of legacy do I wish to leave behind?
Do I want to be known as the guy who wrote great poems,
Or as the man who gave his all to the needy every single time?

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