I want to share with you a very powerful, yet often-unappreciated weapon that you have in your arsenal. Honestly, for years I didn’t understand the power of it and questioned whether there was any validity to it. I can now say beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is my go-to resource for just about everything. I’m still working on making it number one for everything, but I am still a work in progress.

This great weapon and tool that we have is prayer, and it does so many things. First, it connects us to our Heavenly Father. It isn’t just a ritual that we perform when we need something from Him, nor is it something that we should only do in the good times or before meals. It is something that we need to constantly be doing all the time. He wants to talk to us and wants to hear from us. So why do we avoid talking to Him?

Is it that we’re scared? Are we prideful and think we can do it on our own? Are we frustrated with Him? Do we not believe He can do it? What is it that keeps us from spending time in communion with Him?

Like any relationship, it takes communication. Both parties have to interact with one another. He’s always there and ready to hear from you.

Now, he may not always respond how or when we want Him to. And maybe that’s the problem with why we don’t talk to Him. Maybe we don’t really like some of the answers He has given us in the past. Often times, we think that we have a better answer. But in all honesty, His timing is beyond perfect. That “hindsight is always twenty-twenty” phrase rings true with this. If we look back on a situation and can say,  “Oh yeah, God your timing was perfect and I see how this played into this,” we understand. So why do we doubt Him on the front end when we have seen how it works out before?

Your relationship with Christ is exactly that, your relationship with Christ. You have to make of it what you want. But let me tell you that prayer works. There are things that I have been praying about for the last year or so, and I want to tell you this: Never give up on prayer. It works. Again, it’s not always going to be in our timing, but it’s definitely going to be in the Lord’s timing. He’s revealed that to me time and time again as I have conversations with people and as He gives me answers to my prayers.

He will reveal His answers to you, in His timing and in His way. We just have to be open to communicating with Him and listening. That is the other problem we can run into with prayer: We talk, talk, talk, but we don’t listen for the Lord’s reply.

We have to be quiet. That’s why it is important to have a private place sometimes to go and pray. There is great power in corporate prayer, and I’ve seen the Lord move in mighty ways through it, but there is a beauty and personal experience that you get when you have a place where you can pray privately.

I realize that we all have roommates, spouses, kids, animals, and a myriad of other distractions in our homes, but do you have a closet, attic, spare room, garage, car, or some other space that you can escape to? What about that run that you go on or the walk you take? Can you make time to have a conversation with Him then? Turn the radio off for a few minutes in the car and talk to Him. Talk out loud to Him. Don’t just say it quietly in your head. I challenge you to say it out loud. There is power in the words being said out loud. And watch for God to move.

Be expectant. Do not let fear get in the way. Trust that He is sovereign and all powerful and almighty. Do not doubt the Lord’s power. He can do great things when you pray! He could do them anyway, but He wants the relationship with us and wants to hear from us. Start praying.


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