I have to admit to you,

I have to be honest,

I haven’t delivered,

I haven’t kept my promise,

I swore to keep it real,

I swore to show you my heart,

Then the moment it got hard,

I got up to turn around and depart,

I didn’t feel special,

I didn’t feel my words were worthy,

I didn’t think anyone would care,

I didn’t think that anyone heard me,

I lost sight of why I pen these words,

I forgot why I share my soul with these lines,

In the chaos and storm of self-loathing,

I lost track of myself and lost track of time,

I know I was blessed with this gift,

I know He has used it in great ways,

I know I need to wake up,

I know there is light in the coming days,

So from this moment on,

Believe I will share my soul,

No matter how painful,

No matter how tattered with holes,

I don’t know who will read these words,

I don’t know the story of your life,

I just pray you see in my words,

The reflection of The One who paid the price,

I pray you see the freedom you have,

I admit that I’m not a perfect being,

I can tell you that admitting that,

Can be perfectly freeing,

So whoever you are,

Wherever you may be,

This poem and collective are imperfect,

But more than imperfect,

Each of us is free.

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