Month: September 2016

Four Letters

A poem by Kyle Dunham in recognition of National Suicide Prevention Week

Hope: four letters.
Fear: four letters.
Life: four letters.
Death: does not have to be your forever.
Your screams,
Though silent,
Are heard,
Believe me.
I was there,
I felt alone.
No matter what,
How lonely you believe you are.
You are known.
Salvation is real.
Rescue is possible.
You are never,
Too far gone.

Don’t Deny Them Their Blessings

by Lynn Kuhns

Photo by dreamsailors on Flickr

The person offered to pay for my lunch. We both fought for our wallet and were eager to take care of the bill. We both wanted to share a blessing to the other person. Neither one of us would back down. It probably made things awkward for a moment with the cashier, as she had an uncomfortable look on her face. She eventually took one card, as I skulked at the fact that it wasn’t mine. I was sure to say that the next time I would get the bill. Relieved that I didn’t have to pay, sad, and at the same time feeling overwhelmingly blessed, and – for a split second – angry. It was a wave of emotions in the span of approximately 30 seconds.

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