There’s power in the music,
Listen close.
There’s power in the silence,
Missed by most.
Life is filled to the brim,
With the wrong kind of noise.
Filled with meaningless words,
Empty messages,
Posing as poise.
Most follow a catchy tune,
Search for what’s new,
An endless cycle,
Leading to their ruin.
Beauty can be found,
Not sold,
Not boughten,
Remember they fought,
An endless cycle,
It doesn’t work to recycle,
What was already rotten.
Yet they still tune the dial,
Dialed into their own demise.
Blissfully unaware,
They’ve been here already,
When you’re blind by choice,
You’ll never see light,
Until you are ready.
Once they do,
Beauty does the rest.
I used to be blind,
I must confess.
Now the power surrounds,
The power in the music,
The power in the silence,
It’s all around.
This life is a song,
Each journey a chorus,
I stand here to implore us.
To not waste a note,
Or build a regretful reprise,
Each journey a chorus,
For each of us to seize.
So go forth with powerful motion,
In music,
In silence,
With utmost devotion.
Write the notes of your life,
Share the music from the page,
The music,
The silence,
Each beat is what you gave.

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