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Each Journey a Chorus

There’s power in the music,
Listen close.
There’s power in the silence,
Missed by most.
Life is filled to the brim,
With the wrong kind of noise.
Filled with meaningless words,
Empty messages,
Posing as poise.
Most follow a catchy tune,
Search for what’s new,
An endless cycle,
Leading to their ruin.
Beauty can be found,
Not sold,
Not boughten,
Remember they fought,
An endless cycle,
It doesn’t work to recycle,
What was already rotten.
Yet they still tune the dial,
Dialed into their own demise.
Blissfully unaware,
They’ve been here already,
When you’re blind by choice,
You’ll never see light,
Until you are ready.
Once they do,
Beauty does the rest.
I used to be blind,
I must confess.
Now the power surrounds,
The power in the music,
The power in the silence,
It’s all around.
This life is a song,
Each journey a chorus,
I stand here to implore us.
To not waste a note,
Or build a regretful reprise,
Each journey a chorus,
For each of us to seize.
So go forth with powerful motion,
In music,
In silence,
With utmost devotion.
Write the notes of your life,
Share the music from the page,
The music,
The silence,
Each beat is what you gave.

Four Letters

A poem by Kyle Dunham in recognition of National Suicide Prevention Week

Hope: four letters.
Fear: four letters.
Life: four letters.
Death: does not have to be your forever.
Your screams,
Though silent,
Are heard,
Believe me.
I was there,
I felt alone.
No matter what,
How lonely you believe you are.
You are known.
Salvation is real.
Rescue is possible.
You are never,
Too far gone.

Who You Are

I’ve never viewed myself,

As very much at all,

Never thought people,

Would want my time,

To be by my side,

To stand with me at tide,

Not very much at all,

I’ve never viewed myself,

As very worthy of love,

Never thought people,

Would care that deeply,

Would in times of need seek me,

I just never thought I was,

Very worthy of love at all,

I’ve never viewed myself,

As deserving of Grace,

Never thought God,

Would want this child,

Even cared about my smile,

Didn’t see my many lost miles,

Lost and wondering,

If I’m deserving of Grace.

Now I know who I am,

I am very much indeed,

Because you desire my time,

Yearn to be by my side,

Have stood with me at the tide,

I see how you care deeply,

By how in your times of need,

You have chosen to seek me,

Through your presence in my life,

I can see God’s view of me clearly,

How much He wants this child,

Loves to see each time I smile,

Was there on every single mile,

Times on this road have been rough,

But I don’t wish to change the path,

I love God and myself more and more,

Each day because of who you are,

Who you are,

Is so much more than I could ever ask,

I know you have your fears too,

But I promise each day,

You know God is there every mile,

Loves to see all of your smiles,

Desperately wants you as His child,

And know in times,

I have no idea what to do,

I will always choose to seek you too,

And when the waves crash,

As you stare at the rising tide,

Know I will be by your side,

Holding you in safety,

Is a perfect way to spend my time,

There you will see,

God’s perfect love,

Through this imperfect soul,

I promise to fill all that I can,

Then hand you over,

To the One who will make you whole.

Do You Remember?

Do you remember me?

Do you remember when?

Though the years have gone,

I don’t know how long it has even been.

Do you remember my face?

Do you hold onto my smile?

Though the years have gone,

I don’t know how long,

But it has been a while.

Do you miss the warmth of my hug?

Do you remember the way we would dance?

Though the years have gone,

I don’t know how long,

But long gone are the times of being entranced.

Do you remember the day?

Do you remember saying yes?

Though the years have gone,

I don’t know how long,

I will always see you in that white dress.

Do you remember me at all,

Do you even see me this time,

Though the years have gone,

I don’t know how long,

I have never left your side.

Do you know I still love you?

Do you know that won’t ever change?

Though the years have gone,

I don’t know how long,

No matter what the dementia takes,

I will always remain.

Do you remember the vows?

Do you remember what I swore?

Though the years have gone,

I don’t know how long,

Till the end of time,

I will always be yours.

Do you remember?

I do.

Each of us is free

I have to admit to you,

I have to be honest,

I haven’t delivered,

I haven’t kept my promise,

I swore to keep it real,

I swore to show you my heart,

Then the moment it got hard,

I got up to turn around and depart,

I didn’t feel special,

I didn’t feel my words were worthy,

I didn’t think anyone would care,

I didn’t think that anyone heard me,

I lost sight of why I pen these words,

I forgot why I share my soul with these lines,

In the chaos and storm of self-loathing,

I lost track of myself and lost track of time,

I know I was blessed with this gift,

I know He has used it in great ways,

I know I need to wake up,

I know there is light in the coming days,

So from this moment on,

Believe I will share my soul,

No matter how painful,

No matter how tattered with holes,

I don’t know who will read these words,

I don’t know the story of your life,

I just pray you see in my words,

The reflection of The One who paid the price,

I pray you see the freedom you have,

I admit that I’m not a perfect being,

I can tell you that admitting that,

Can be perfectly freeing,

So whoever you are,

Wherever you may be,

This poem and collective are imperfect,

But more than imperfect,

Each of us is free.

This Gift Called Life

Why do I write? Why poetry? Why?

I don’t write to strive.
I don’t write to thrive.
I don’t write to arrive.
I write because I’m breathing.
I write because I’m alive.

Those are simple words to explain why I have a passion for writing. At the core of it all, I write because I am alive, because it is something I feel that I have to do. There is so much that happens in my life that I would not be able to process if not for writing. It goes deeper though, back to a conversation with my oldest brother. Back to the day he told me I should try to write. In that conversation, with him telling me how much writing had done for him I knew that it could do something for me. So I wrote. I wrote some of the worst poems that have ever been written, but they were my poems. For the first time in my life, I had created something completely on my own, and I felt alive. I knew right away that there was something here –more than a passion.

I know I’ve been gifted.
Found gold in sand I sifted.
From my first words felt lifted.

Nothing brings me joy and good feelings about myself quite like writing. It is my escape to a world I control. I can be whoever I want to be in that world, and I can do anything I want to do. I don’t know where I would be in life right now if not for my writing. I’ve often been asked if I want to write books and have a desire that my name be known. To put it plainly: I don’t. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to write a book of poetry and have it published, but not to get famous. I want to write a book filled with poems that make me feel lifted up. My hope would be that just one person would read those poems and know they are special.

He made us all unique.
He gave us all a gift to seek.
Find it and reach your own peak.

So let me encourage you today, seek your gift and USE IT, whatever it is, because it very well may not be writing. It could be so many things. It could be painting, encouraging, athletics, music, technology; it could be just about anything. What it may be is less important than you finding it and using it. I am blessed to know so many people in my life who show this kaleidoscope of gifts.

Don’t think less kid.
Of the gift you’ve been blessed with.
No one gift is best.
Each one offers hope.
A hope you’re part of.
God’s great kaleidoscope.

I pray you walk away encouraged. I pray if you have not found that gift that you will take some time to seek and find it. I have no way of knowing exactly who will read this, but trust me when I say I am praying for you. You are special, and you have a gift that can change the world. If you do know what your gift is, stop waiting, get up, and change your world. One day at a time, one moment at a time. I believe in you, and God is ready to use you.

What are you waiting for?
Stand and walk out that door.
There is a world to explore.
You’ve been made for so much more.
Look for the God-given gift.
See the amazing things He has in store.

Holding On

I don’t have an answer
For why you were hurt so
I don’t know
I do know
That I’m right here
The sun is down
But I’ll shine a light
I’ll make it clear
I know you fear
I see your fright
I see your heart
Seems so much easier than fight
So I’ll fight for you
I won’t ignore you
The truth of my words
Is what I implore you
To know
By what I say alone
To know
By the actions I plant
What comes from the seeds for you
To sow
To know
Even on nights I can’t hold your hand
I’m still holding on
Until the dawn
Not a love song
Filled with strife
Painful nights
Grounded kites
Yet they fly again
As you will rise again
Look me in my eyes
And smile
I don’t have an answer
But I do have a hand
This broken man
Will hold you
On nights you can’t stand
I know this truth too
An unbroken Father holds on tight
To you

Redemption’s Reversal

God is my all
I can do it on my own
God is my strength
I can do this alone
God is my fortress
I can protect myself
God is my companion
I don’t need anyone’s help
God never fails
I can’t take the chance
God never bails
I don’t need two to dance
God is love
I can’t even love myself
God has forgiven
I don’t deserve anyone else
God sees my pain
I’m too far gone
God wants me back
I don’t belong
God is knocking
I will fail again
God believes in me
I will follow my trend

God believes in me
I will follow my trend
God is knocking
I won’t fail again
God wants me back
I know I belong
God sees my pain
I’m never too far gone
God has forgiven
I do deserve someone else
God is love
I can love myself
God never bails
I’ll join Him in a dance
God never fails
I know He’s worth the chance
God is my companion
I openly accept His help
God is my fortress
I can’t protect myself
God is my strength
I can’t do this alone
God is my all
I can’t do it on my own

This is My Legacy

Before you read this poem, I want to tell you something about me. For so long in my life I have been so concerned about making my words perfect. My poems had to follow a very specific plan, and could only be about certain topics. It is because of this that I portrayed myself as better off than I am. I come to you honestly tonight to tell you this, I am not perfect. My writing is not perfect. I promise you, whoever you are that is reading this, that I will never pretend to perfect.

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I stare into your now almost lifeless eyes,
Begging any god who will listen to keep you alive.
I’m not ready to lose you from this world of mine,
I can’t believe how fast this has gone in the swirl of time.
There are still so many memories to make and be shared,
And no matter how close it gets to the end I will never be prepared.
The idea of saying goodbye to you is a reality I cannot face,
And a world without you in it is a world that I cannot embrace.
I’ve never believed in miracles like the way you do,
But the closest thing to miracle I’ve seen was the day that I met you.
I will never forget the way our eyes met across the park,
And how we both felt that amazing instantaneous spark.
How we fell in love so quick and fell in bed even more quickly,
We knew each other so deep and loved so simply.
I knew that first time in your arms I would one day make you my bride,
And when we went out we held the others hand with utmost pride.
Perfectly content with life as long as it was a life spent together,
Like the day you said you would love me until the day after forever.
Any trepidation to dive into the depths of infatuation,
Were now long forgotten figments of our imaginations.
And the night that autumn when crying and yes was your answer,
Unlike the tears you shed two weeks later when you first saw the cancer.
The very cancer that has you lying near lifeless this way,
Now just five hours from what was going to be our wedding day.
The noise in the room deadens as you begin to open your eyes,
Looking at me whispering, “Forever is longer than the day that I die.”

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