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Lord, we will

We can say the words,
“Lord, we will go where You wish,”
Until He asks us to go somewhere
That makes us wonder if He is in this.
When He asks us to leave the ones we love,
The places we have come to know,
We forget about the time we said,
“Lord, there is anywhere we would go.”
Because when we said the words,
“Lord, no matter how far,”
What we really hoped
Was for God to leave us where we were.
The times He comes along-
Makes the call to somewhere new-
We block out that time we prayed
“Lord, we will pay any price for you.”
The time we fell to our knees
“Lord, even to the ends of the Earth,”
As long as we can see our children grow up,
Grow tired of this place first,
Convincing ourselves
That we are following God’s plan
While forgetting the time we prayed,
“Lord, our future is in your hands.”

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One Choice

This is a new beginning
A chance to rework
Let go of all the hurt
A newer version of me
The enemy is clawing
Calling out
Banking on me
Breaking down
Doing his best to convince me
My words are not worthy

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