Seth Kuhns – Editor
Seth Kuhns is a 26-year-old graduate of Geneva College. He left Beaver Falls, PA in 2011 eyeing a job in communications but settling for one in food service. He now processes bank transactions during the week and moonlights as a writer and editor for He’s passionate about sports, Christian hip-hop, and growing closer to God.

Brandon Kauffman – Editor
Brandon “BrawnDawn” Kauffman is no ordinary man.  He’s an educated, suave, debonair, twenty-something who is the perfect guy to bring home to mom.  Seriously, moms love him.  He has a B.A. in English Education from Geneva College and helps bring summer fun to the people in his hometown as the store manager of Burnett Pools and Spas.  He hates bananas and coconut, but only because of their textures, not their flavors.  His passions lie in the musical realm and he can often be found in the studio or on a local stage with a guitar slung over his shoulder.  Alright, so maybe he is kind of ordinary.

Bill Coyne – Contributor

Kyle Dunham – Contributor
Kyle Dunham is a writer with a wandering soul.  His honest style of writing comes from a raw and genuine place.  The overall goal of his writing is to help his reader look inward, analyze, and most importantly, realize that they are never alone, even in the darkest times.  He sums it up himself this way:

Here’s my heart,
I’ll lay it out for you
So when you feel alone,
You can see my words and know,
Someone else has been there too.

Beka Hare – Contributor

Lynn Kuhns – Contributor
Lynn is currently working for a university and is serving in a mentorship endeavor through Christians United for Israel.  After a time of fighting the Lord and His calling, she has entered her late twenties with a renewed sense of trust in the Lord and His plan for her life.  Her desire is to love people and meet them where they are.  She hopes that her personal experiences and the words she pens will break down her own insecurities and will encourage her readers.

Adam Shaffer – Contributor
Adam Shaffer’s life is mostly made up of 0s and 1s. As a digital marketer by day and a tech junkie by night, his goal is to write about technology-driven entertainment, advertising, and social connectivity until he is eventually assimilated by his benevolent Google overlords.